Villa Avenue

Living in Van Tri

A breezing twenty-minute dash to the heart of Hanoi and ten minutes to the Noibai International Airport, VAN TRI offers a premium location close to the live downtown culture while capturing the simple and tranquil joy of suburb living.

Teeming with elevated services and amenities never before seen in Vietnam, VAN TRI pioneers a new living culture that exceeds your highest expectations.

In every dwelling, as the surrounding nature flourishes, living space may start to shrink. VAN TRI is a space where nature and human habitat coexist without imposing boundaries. This is where you can freely take the same breath with the nature in the comfort of your home.

Villa Avenue Vantri and Vantri Urban Project are contemporary housing projects that pioneers a new living culture combined with the lush landscapes of Vietnam.

We offer a luxurious oasis for relaxation and healing for the specially selected few.


Villa Avenue Vantri is nested in an environment crystal streams move across the green landscapes like a masterpiece of a calligrapher. Each villa blends into the natural contour the terrain, a non-intrusive way to fuse the living space with the surrounding nature. From the main avenue, access roads intuitively reach each villa like stems of trees, and landscapes and stone walls form a wonderful scenery from every angle.

Arrive in Luxury
Weaving space with only the best natural materials available, Villa Avenue Vantri is destined to accentuate the depth and flow of time. The immersive experience of the villa and you becoming one with the passage of time. Simply put, the value of Villa Avenue Vantri transcends time and conventions.

Luxury Life in Nature
Having a house with large windows or small windows, or whether you have it at all, all present different degrees of living experiences. We understand that premium living environment is not entirely about boasting the biggest and tallest. The true joy of living stems from how you communicate with your surroundings, and how you age with your house sharing the pleasure over many seasons. In this sense, we believe that true luxury comes from simplicity of time over any ornamentation. These are the essence of life that Villa Avenue Vantri present exclusively to you.


It’s time to push, dash, and climb.
Whatever your conquest is, we have the challenges for you.
Right here, within our club house, we have the latest fitness equipment to keep you fit and energized.

Don’t let the hottest day in Hanoi discourage you from pushing your limit.
Our climate control and ventilation system maintain the temperature and air quality optimized for your hours of hardest training so that you won’t lose focus.
So come join us and build yourself. And discover your inner beauty, your strength, your energy in the always-inviting, stress-free fitness center.


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