Lang DW


Lang DW (Food & Beverage Company) strory commenced in 2019 with Lang restaurant in Van Tri golf club.
We aimed to create a different class of Vietnamese restaurants that could experience not only taste, but Lang’s own philosophy such as hearthwarming hospitality as well as design, music, art and culture.

We opened lang the bakery in My Dinh which is one of the most compatitive locations in downtown Hanoi where many restaurants and bakeries are located and we are highly recommended as the best cheesecake place in Hanoi.
In addition, we opened lang café in a new Lotte mall in October 2023.

We will have a qualified well-made portfolio of trusted brands not only in Vietnam but abroad including Vietnamese restaurants, bakeries, café, HMR also will promote businesses in the food supply industry and will distribute fresh farm products and high-quality imported meat.


Distribute Exclusive US Prime Beef

Home Meal Replacement


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