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Value of Time
Discover the time of your life
that you thought you never had.

Every moment of your life is special.
Every moment is a choice whether to reach the highest goal or to explore the great depth of you.
Every moment is a chance to go farther and faster: a race to exceed your expectation.
And every moment is an invitation to experience the world and the world beyond.

We, at VAN TRI, understand that your every moment is special. And for sharing your special moment with us, we are profoundly grateful.
To show you our appreciation, VAN TRI would like to make your time with us extraordinary.

Thus, the destiny of VAN TRI
Finding the value of your time.


Exclusive, private golf club
The whole new experience available only @Van Tri Golf Club

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Contemporary housing projects that pioneers a new living culture combined with the lush landscapes of Vietnam

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Hommage from the origin of Vietnamese Cuisine
Enjoy the relaxing and marvelous atmosphere @“làng” restaurant

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Less quantity, more quality
Serve the Taste, Culture & Trend with Sincerity

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